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Thanks to years of research and development, our products successfully meet the customers' needs and daily demand. In fact the basis of our Company and the guarantee for our Customers are: an advanced technology at high level, 35 years of experiences, a dynamic and technologically advanced company which operates in the textile sector and bases its activities on innovation that meet the market's needs while displaying quality and creativity, more than 3500 installed equipments all over the world, a modern and versatile company's organization with a qualified staff.

We have not confined ourselves to improving our technologies, both of the thermic and ultrasonic slit, but today we are able to supply a wide range of products and textile services necessary for a successful activity in woven labels' field, like software, studying and marketing research, all around textile services, everything in relation with latest fashion and garments trend request.

With 35 years of experience in building weaving machines, as well as in our know-how in and around weaving process, we are always research new ideas, that daily we propose to all our customers.


Giancarlo Saporiti

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Mei as technological leader in the textile field for the production of labels started with the introduction of the loom equipped with thermical slit at ITMA 1975 the worldwide textile show. Before 1975 labels were made using the shuttle method, today almost obsolete. Their role was straight forward, to indicate the maker of the fabric or its materials (like wool, linen, silk etc.)
They were "Regular Labels", always inserted inside on finished garments. With MEI new product, the label production process entered in a new era, a new "turn-on" to the world of woven and printed labels. In 1975, the year of the turnaround, the new MEI's thermical cut and its first official show, appearances in the ITMA of Milan. That was the year when the label industry, in which the shuttle loom was the unchallenged ruler, realized that the technological evolution was changing the business.
With the arrival of the thermal cut "Regular Labels" turned into "Image Labels": that was possible due to the many colors, a more softly cutting edge and an overall increased perfection, all allowed by the technology adopted in the new weaving rapier machine.

Labels were now starting to be put not only inside but also outside garments. At ITMA 1991 in Hannover, we introduced the loom equipped with the Ultrasonic slit which drew a decisive step for the production of labels in natural fibers. More sharply and smooth edges together with the use of natural fibers, not only polyesters, were now possible. Cotton, linen, wool, silk, all mixed with polyester or combined with special threads.
The "Fashion Labels" was born. A cotton label could be put on cotton garment, a cashmere label on a cashmere sweater, etc. The fashion label represents a step forward in the utilization and the integration of yarn from different nature and of renowned materials.

Three things are needed to create fashion labels: creativity, innovative technologies, and a knowledge of the art of weaving, and daily we try to develop a expand these goals worldwide, even with our final products. To sum up there have been, until now, three major steps in the history of the label:

REGULAR LABEL realized with the old shuttle method up to 1975

IMAGE LABEL realized with the thermal cutting method up to 1991

FASHION LABEL realized with the ultrasonic technology

ECOLABEL realised with special yarns for eco-friendly concept

PRESTIGE LABEL realised with innovative airjet labels solution machine at the present

Our technology is the history of label
From the beginning
Till today
Our know-how and our installements worldwide are always improved!