Staff with great creativity

All MEI staff are important ambassadors for the Group.
Their ability to create customer
satisfaction is crucial to our future competitiveness worldwide.
MEI has to continuously maintain, develop and increase the collective expertise of its staff so that they can meet the needs of customers with the greatest possible knowledge and have a sense of satisfaction in their day-to-day work.
Continuous development of skills is required so that MEI does not stagnate as a company projected into the future.
Training in recent years has been mainly geared towards raising the basic level of knowledge in the area of IT and ensuring that MEI has the highest possible expertise in important areas such as design, systems development and textile engineering, be sure giving the better technology and INNOVATION for our customers always

MEI Machine details


New Opportunities

MEI International, known and well established brand in the textile world for over 35 years, has developed some new products machine for the production of posters, scarves, blanksheet, pub tab and photograph woven jacquard narrow fabric items, for garments and upholstery.

These unique, innovative and original products are created with the most advanced and modern textile techniques and can raise curiosity and enthusiasm in a dynamic and challenging global market.

After years of research, development and continuos tests on the looms, our products succesfully meet the customers needs and daily demand opening new and important opportunities of business. With our technology you can create a new brand of woven jacquard narrow fabric with very high quality and important added value.

Any image or photo can be reproduce with high definition and in a very easy and quick way, using noble fibers such as silk or synthetic fibers, like polyester, in different colors and sizes. Another important advantage of this particular technology is the drastically reduction of the colors of weft in Your stocking area: You'll be able to reproduce any image (with different shadows or colors) using always the same colors in weft and warp. It means: reduction of costs and more versatility.

We have also created an advanced technology for woven jacquard scarves for merchandising, advertising and promotional items. An innovative product, comfortable to wear and completely customized with logos, brands or lettering. A scarf with pure and brilliant colors, with different sizes: the right answer for something new and innovative.

First in the world, MEI has presented these products and the success obtained is really very important and it is becoming bigger day by day.
With these new ideas and products, that MEI shall discover and develop, with its staff every day, you will meet a large market with many final potential customers. For these opportunities, for a NEW product that recently MEI has realized and that we wish to grant to our customers worldwide, you could choose our technology and our machines, with a great success for sure! If you are interested in knowing what is the MEI new proposing please ask to us and request information, details and sample