Reference list

Here someone of our worldwide customers that use MEI machines:

- Golden River Label
- Wing Sing
- Shanghai Lace & Label Weaving
- Dong Ying Computer label Co.
- Fair Label
- Yorkwin Industries Ltd.
- Yung Chang Label Co. Ltd
- World-Mark Woven Label Co. Ltd.
- Gamma Industries Co.
- Thai Mark Industries Co.
- Thai Label Industries Co.
- Computer Label
- New World Label Manufacturing
- Unwin Computerized Label Fty
- Golden River Labels Inc.
- Label World Philippines
- Tsuda Woven Label
- Nippon Dom
- Timol Weaving
- Kowloon Knitting Fty.
- Master Labels Sdn. Bhd.
- Kailash Ribbon Factory
- Jain Label
- Angel Labels
- Hi-Life
- Universal Woven & Printed Label
- P.T. Surya Label Jaya
- Manufacturer Ltd.
- Star Labels Pvt. Ltd
- Elahis' Embroidery
- Da Vinci
- Shore to Shore
- Maheen Label Tex Ltd.
- Jupiter Accessories
- Avery Dennison
- Texcontrol - Benetton Group
- Star Etiket Tekstil
- Alibakis S.A.
- Etikett Leonadams Ltd.
- Rinke Etikett
- Rodrigues & Paulo
- El Fahd
- Cairo For Label
- Tchemba
- Majed Sayegh
- Am Bordados
- Etigraf
- J.C. Amurrio
- Textil Augusta
- Bordatex Ltda
- Marquillas Etiquetes S.A.
- Finotex
- Etic Art S.a.
- Tejidos Robin
- Etiquetas Peruanas
- Bortex


Top line figures
Even though suffering from the general economic situation, luckily the high-end sector is not slipping back as most of the economy. This resistance of the trade brands is the fruit of the companies’ ongoing commitment. With the progressive shift of the economic power to other areas of the world, should induce us to reflect carefully upon how we can enhance our strong points, in terms of productivity, quality, costs and try to win the next future challenger. The business soundness lies in fact in the entrepreneurial practice, in producing with the pursuit of absolute quality. That’s why today more than ever, our machines reflected this philosophy and this need, offering always a wide range of innovative “textile keys”, with top quality and performance.

In a world context of a rising interest in health and environment-friendliness most important is the term of sustainability, alternative materials more ecological and “green”, the introduction of special fibres in the productivity process, from renewable sources, also suitable to manufacture comfortable, fashionable products, even in narrow fabrics world.

New eco-fiber for “green” woven labels
Lenpur, a new patented yarn is a green fiber exclusively derived from the yearly pruning of Canada white spruces, with a strictly environmental friendly policy that guarantees a labels with the following characteristics:
· Intrinsic ability to absorb and neutralize bad odor from perspiration, thanks to hydrophilic and permeable fibres
· Natural anti-static property, neutralizing electric and magnetic charges released by the human body and the environment, so as to ensure a top comfort
· Self-mercerizing properties are enhanced in the dyeing process, both with direct and reactive dyes

Saving costs: an important key for today and tomorrow success
MEI presents innovations for air-jet and rapier labels machines, providing always new options for significant resource savings in both energy, spare parts consumption and maintenance. We have new pressure control system with automatic filling threading control, for faster and more flexible textile adaptation, a new dynamic warp guide, for reducing warp tension and less warp down-time, a new drive system, which allows a production increase of up to 25%, compared to current standard, reducing total costs with a 60% saving.

Mei lab: a new experience showroom

The new technology center in Italy is our desire to develop and to be always near to the customers with a great support, a new research and development center. Itís an expression of the continual quest for technological leadership in narrow fabric world. This means that will be also both a test center for our customers and their products, and a lab test for our own research tasks, where we develop new products, and we intensively sharing know-how with our customers.

Woven jacquard scarves: high impact
One of the new product available with MEI is the new woven jacquard scarves for sports, merchandising and promotional events.
A loom with high versatility and a product with a very high impact on the market.
Giving an example: during the last edition of Euro 2008 Soccer Championship, about 2.000.000 of MEI scarves was sold only in the European market. An investment with a sure success. Next event will be the world football cup. Take this advantage!