A focused solution to a specialized market

MEI has a full service offering for the Textiles market.
In the worldwide textiles industry new solutions are essential to promote the business and improve the contacts and the turnover.
MEI is an established supplier in the textile industry and has a unique range of services to meet your needs.
MEI is a premier manufacturer and complete supply chain management service provider of textile service programs to the apparel and retail industries with a complete range of products from labels looms, laser,
that can be tailored to your needs.

Building a new business ?

MEI now provides consulting service helping you for planning, implement and optimizing your labels machines and products, for reducing costs or discover new markets. With our specialists and a special financial software, we can build a business for you, just tailor made for your needs. We are also capable of studying for each of your textile fabric, an appropriate study cost for your future investment and ROI management.

Fabrics produced with MEI technology


Create outstanding & unique products
Create new articles with no other products to compare with, this was our goal in the last years. Look for a new market, with no competitors to fight with, a new range of products to present and promote world-wide.
Mei is always ahead just to promote new business opportunities: woven jacquard scarves machine for sporting and merchandising field, computerized saree jacquard machine, are few examples.

A new machine era
After a long period of research and development, now we are proud to present a new machine that can produce multicolour scarves for sporting advertising communication, which are unique, comfortable to wear, customized to fit any kind of logo brand or design.
This original product together with the jacquard poster concept, are created with the most advanced and modern textile techniques. It's unbelievable, a new era is began.

Fabrics for fashion
As in the line of woven labels, the fabrics can have different backgrounds and textures, combining several types of thread and effect, that you can weave and produce with our textile machines. In fact with the latest filling insertion system, due to the open shed filling insertion, independent of shed closing, it’s very easy the processing of a wide range of yarn types and counts and the friction of the filling on the warp ends is decisively reduced, giving to the weaver the possibility to produce a wide range of fashion fabrics, good for stylist news idea. What really differentiates them, due to this superior technology, is the richness of the details and the possibility of, with our width machines and our softly cutting edge, having cloth in different widths, which facilitates the production of shoes, bags and accessories.

Fabrics with fashion effect
Some new ideas that you could produce as new opportunities!
Our machines are always innovative!