MEI is an established technological brand in the textile and garments industry says Saporiti Alessandro
MEI Sales Manager.

"We try constantly to optimise labels weaving process and easy-to-use loom system, just to help all the users to become friendly and synergic with our machines, for reducing the dead-time and the operative costs; our rule is "high quality and flexibility at the lowest operating costs".

We achieve this through ongoing technological advancement, better products and unrivalled levels of support.

Although we are continuing to strengthen our global operation and serve new markets, we will always retain a strong local focus so we can effectively serve our customers wherever they are."

Alessandro Saporiti
sales manager



Increase the perceived quality of your products.
Used for brand identification or product decoration in garments, woven labels are an excellent way to emphasize product quality and create elevated product differentiation, with good margin and ROI.
MEI creates woven labels machines to specification for a large number of garments and retailers needs and future fashion trends request. We also produce labels machines accessories, like laser, cut & folding, software, that are created for you as a total weaving process solution. Our engineers stay abreast of leading global fashion trends and create portfolios of products solutions, that will keep any product range updated to appeal to final consumers.
Labels loom with high performances – speed – versatility – user friendly
Classic Labels loom with Added Value – low cost – less downtime

Special Products for Promotional items
Products for classic purposes - packaging - control - design

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