Market Trend and the world of fashion

Labels are the accessories of the products and gives at the product the final touch. All components that are permanently attached to the product fall under trim, from woven labels to leather patches for garments, sport or classic wear, are unique if it is produced with special machines and yarns with special effects.

These items are the lasting reminder of the brand that stay with the garment and the consumer, designing within a limited space to capture the core values of the brand. MEI's in-house resources can manage concept through cost-effective solutions that meets fashion market needs.

Looking back in history, branding has never been more important than it is today. It is a global factor that companies invest more and more in their brand profile today in order to survive fierce competition. To have a unified profile, identity and image is the key for long term success and development. Therefore, branding has become the instrument of the 21st century to distinguish successful brands from ordinary brands. For this reason a good technology in labels loom is essential. MEI can meets all these requirements.

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Our SPECIAL loom with
positive rapier


For a good future Business in LABELS
In the world of apparel fashion labeling, MEI is manufacturer leader in the woven labels looms, and always we propose ourselves to be innovative with new product solutions. The latest trend is the way to produce with our machines, impressive range of eco-friendly labeling collection. A new solutions possible to weave with the particular technology of our machines, that allows to use:

· Organic cotton warp and ground / lettering fill weft, or natural bamboo weft
· Recycled polyester blend with standard polyester warp
· 100% recycled polyester warp and fill

Blends between natural fibers, including organic cotton and wool, and recycled or standard polyesters are also possible. These custom woven label combinations can be enhance created to enhance clarity of text or wash performance over wholly natural labeling while still meeting sustainable criteria.

Woven labels with PRESTIGE definition
Today the latest development in label field is represented by the “PRESTIGE” label with yarns between 30 and 50 den and a weft density between 90 and 120 wefts/cm for each colour. The “PRESTIGE” Quality can be produced with taffeta and satin looms. The satin weave will of course produce the highest quality with highest definition
· Polyester Warp and weft high definition mode are produced on our exclusive MEI MACHINE
· Standard polyester look and feel
· General performance and look like standard polyester yarns.

60%-70% Recycled Polyester / 30%-40% Standard Polyester Woven Labels

· Manufactured
on MEI broad looms using standard polyester warp combined with certified recycled polyester ground and lettering fill yarns made from Post Consumer Waste, Post Industrial Waste or combination
· Standard polyester look and feel
· Recycled fill yarns are dyed to match
· General performance and look similar to standard polyester yarns

Woven Labels of 100% Recycled Polyester

· Manufactured
on MEI looms using both warp, ground and lettering weft fill, from certified recycled polyester yarns made from Post Consumer Waste, Post Industrial Waste or combination
· Standard polyester look and feel more soft
· White warp recycled poly only
· Recycled fill yarns are dyed to match
· General performance and look similar to standard polyester yarns

Monofilament: a new trend
According with the philosophy of the Company, MEI has introduced a new loom configuration, apposite created for the production of a new "fashion label": woven labels produced using monofilament warping.

As you know woven labels are textiles and by nature contain stitches or 'binders' which can distract the eye and break-up small letters. To overcome this we offer our Monofilament qualities on MEI last generation machines with soft woven edge. For this particular product, MEI offers a SPECIAL rapier (positive) loom. The final result is a new and innovative woven labels with high quality and a perfect cutting on selvedges Minute nylon threads are included in the warp and these are used to tie down the figure weft invisibly. The result is a very solid figure with a less textile appearance. The combination of high definition and monofilament gives a truly 'PRESTIGE' quality.