Applications for technical textiles are expanding into a number of new and challenging areas.

Most materials would be unimaginable today without textiles weaving. New ideas arise every day as researchers and engineers find new areas, in which technical advances, better materials, weight reduction, cost savings and much more can be realized through the use of technical textiles.

No matter where you find them across the world, the fabrics used in textile surfaces were likely produced with high-performance machines from MEI. With wide-ranging products with flexibility and highest production performance, MEI offers high operating reliability textile machines along with reduced maintenance and optimum ease of operation. When equipped with MEI devices, it is a simple matter to produce raised textile items.

These features turn our models into a lucrative and secure investment for the future, if a high degree of flexibility and efficiency during production is of essential importance for the company's success.

Our machines and products can be grouped into 4 different applications:


Woven labels for outwear
Woven labels for intimate apparel & lingerie
Woven ribbons for casual-wear


Posters for advertising
Fabrics for African damask


Upholstery textile fabrics
Curtains textile narrow fabrics
Table jacquard clothes


Fabrics for sport shoes 
Blankets jacquard advertisement fabrics