MEI, known and well established brand in the textile world, has developed new machines and different textile solutions, for the production of posters, scarves, blank sheet, fashion labels, art ribbons and new technical jacquard textile fabrics, photograph woven jacquard narrow fabric items, for garments, upholstery and clothing manufactures industries.

These unique, innovative and original products are created with the most advanced and modern textile techniques and can raise curiosity and enthusiasm in a dynamic and challenging market.

After years of research, development and continuous tests on jacquard looms, our products successfully meet the customers and global market needs, opening new and important opportunities of business to every textile mills worldwide.

All these “technological innovations” successfully meet our customers and global market request on our textile machines, giving a lot of improvements for the user, like Syncro-drive system, direct-drive motor, new finishing top calender system, innovative weft transfer system for a faster rapier head performance, new MEI android app for production monitoring, MEI-TER clip-on cut device; these are just a few and latest innovations.

Our marketing campaign is “THINK DIFFERENT” and with this special value INNOVATION it has become our philosophy.