Labels are the accessories of apparel system and gives at the products the finest fashion touch. All components, that are permanently attached to the clothing, from woven labels, to leather patches and hang tags, are unique, if are produced with special machines and yarns, with fantasy and attractive design.

These items, designing within a cloth limited space, are the lasting reminder of the brand, that accompany the end user, being able to capture the core values of the brand itself. Branding has become the instrument of the 21st century to distinguish successful brands, from ordinary brands. For this reason, a good technology in labels loom is essential to be distinguished. That’s why we propose ourselves to be innovative with new product solutions.

Eco-friendly Labels

  • With our machines and technologies, we offer our customers environmentally friendly, energy saving, resource-efficient and, thus, sustainable solutions. One of our latest innovations with ecological useful effect is the production with our equipment of woven labels, with components made with recycled polyester, impressive range of eco-friendly labelling collection. A new solutions possible to weave with the particular technology of our machines, that includes efficient rapiers and gentle transfer weft mode, that allows to use:

    Organic cotton weft
  • 100% Recycled polyester ground / lettering fill weft yarn, with standard polyester warp
  • Special weft yarns like bouclè, lycra or elastan

  • Blends between natural fibers, including organic cotton and wool, and recycled or standard polyesters are also possible. These custom woven labels combinations, can be created to enhance clarity of text or wash performance for a wholly natural labelling system, while still meeting sustainable criteria. Now everything is possible with our rapier machine with the most innovative rapiers heads realized ever.

Labels with PRESTIGE definition

Today the latest development in labels field is represented by the with yarns between 30 and 50 den and a weft density between 90 and 200 wefts/cm for each color used.

The “PRESTIGE” quality can be produced with taffeta and satin looms. The satin weave will of course produce the highest quality with highest definition:

- Polyester warp and weft HD mode are produced on our exclusive MEI WOVEN LABELS MACHINES with special configuration as per filling insertion system and warp tension controlling device.

Labels with 100% Recycled Polyester

Manufactured on MEI looms using both warp, with normal polyester or recycled, ground and lettering weft fill, from certified recycled polyester yarns, made from post-Consumer waste, post-Industrial waste or combinations of both, we can obtain:

  • Standard polyester look with more soft feeling touch
  • White warp recycled poly fiber
  • Recycled fill yarns are dyed to match
  • General performance and look similar to standard polyester yarns

A natural note giving a sustainable environmental product.

Monofilament: the invisible weaves

According with the philosophy of the Company, MEI has introduced a new loom configuration, apposite created for the production of a new "fashion label": woven labels produced using monofilament warping.

As you know woven labels are textiles items and by nature contain stitches or 'binders' which can distract the eye and break-up small letters. To overcome this problem, we offer monofilament on MEI last generation rapier machine, with gentle weft transfer mode with innovative rapiers shape. The final result is a new and innovative woven label, with high quality and a perfect cutting on selvedges; Minute nylon threads are included in the warp and these are used to tie down the figure weft invisibly. The result is a very fine figure with a less textile appearance. The combination of high definition and monofilament gives a truly 'S-HD' quality.

QR-Codes for anti-counterfeit

MEI Bar-code software module enables the in-line generation of high-quality, industry-specific woven bar-codes. All standard available bar-codes & QR-codes can be generated, complete with check-digit support, where required. Customers have full control over barcode size, QR-codes generation, colors, background, and whether or not a text version is also required underneath.

The content of the barcodes can be fixed data or can be generated by our special jacquard loom front-end. For more complex applications, the module also allows for sending the content of the codes via USB database. A file can be used to generate 1D or 2D codes, each containing unique personalized URLs or sequential numbers. Bar-codes are also an extremely effective way to identify the content of a job.