Any mention of the name MEI, immediately brings up the thought of labels weaving machines.

For over forty years, MEI has been a worldwide pioneer, and today, we are one of the leading labels weaving machine manufacturers in the world.

MEI trademark was born
MEI first thermical cutting device on loom
September '75

MEI first 150th labels loom sold

'79 December
MEI first electronic jacquard labels machine with Rutti
November '86
MEI first labels machines sold in China
'88 October
 MEI opens Far East office in HK
March '90
MEI big format jacquard labels loom
'91 September
 MEI new RIVETS eyelet system for high quality selvedges
December '94
MEI first USC supersoft edge cutting device in ITMA
'95 October
MEI promotional loom for color posters & acrylic scarves
October '99

MEI new photo-weaving software VIRTUAL COLOR patented

MEI airjet technology introduced in labels weaving with Dornier

'00 February

MEI new touch-screen autodiagnostic cutting device

March '04

MEI high definition PRESTIGE labels

'07 November
MEI QR-CODE labels system
October '11

MEI ANDROID APP control-board system

SHUTTLE-LOOM new electronic Jacquard and dobby machine

'15 November