We have not confined ourselves to improving our technologies, but today we are able to supply a wide range of textile products and services, necessary for a successful activity in woven labels' field, like CAD textile software, jacquard looms and accessories, everything in relation with latest fashion and garments trend requests.

In fact, with 40 years of experience in building weaving machines, as well as in our know-how, in and around weaving process, we are always research new ideas, that daily we propose to all our customers. We generate value to your products, by giving you best quality and different business choices.

As long-standing, reliable business partner, we challenge ourselves to always deliver high-quality products for all textile business. Based on our international organization and on our claim to produce in our major markets, we always operate close to our customers and their specific needs.

Innovativeness and focus on the future made us unique. We are the driving force for innovations by technical competence and closeness to our customers – their success is our success; “We care about your future”. With our products, our production processes and our operations and locations, we improve ourselves continuously.

Quality defines our products, our company, our culture and our market approach. Quality is the key to open up new markets and to engage talented employees. Intensive cooperation with customers and dependability, are our core strengths.

As a globally-oriented company, we think internationally creating products closeness to customers needs. This is the engine of our growth strategy and keeps us open to identify new opportunities, starting from our European identity.

Leadership means to act responsibly for the benefit of the entire enterprise. Staff promotion, everybody’s commitment and cooperation beyond the individual business units stand for our strengths.