Efficiency and flexibility with easy adjusted to any weave request and different labels production!



Know-how and Research

It's a dynamic system, for sure. Mei's main goal is to improve its products, looking for meeting customers' needs or market's requirements, with greater flexibility. Consequently, with Tex-Label CAD, thanks to lengthy research and development, we can offer a modern and dynamic system, able to assist the textile worker and his creativity. The new release with finished textile simulation system and artificial intelligence application are a confirmation.


A free system

Tex-Label is a system that offers many advantages, like easy interaction instruments, usage-friendly interface, features outstanding operability and free-wide compatibility with any kind of hardware. That means free choice from market's demands, powerful input %26 output functions and easy maintenance at low costs. The customers are free to manage devices in such away as they believe better and in relation to the characteristics of their needs.

From concept to fabric

Tex-Label answer to any textile requests, developed for starting from a sketch or a customer's idea. With its flexibility, the user can create materials for many types of products including upholstery, drapery, ties, posters, narrows, scarves and apparel. Everything in one solution.

The answer to textile's automation.

Mei offers to its customers a new CAD jacquard system for woven labels creation, based on last technology; Tex-Label developed on Windows XP and Windows 2003 platforms allows to utilize any type of software with great versatility. It is immediate and ergonomic, Tex-Label gives the opportunity to realize any kind of textile design for any type of machine.