Our machines are the state of the art in weaving narrow fabrics, innovation & efficiency are our value. Our innovations tend to improve efficiency and performance of the our machines. Finally we include the latest filling insertion system, due to the controlled open shed filling insertion, independent of shed closing angle, it’s very easy weave a wide range of yarn types and counts, with the friction of the filling yarn on the warp ends decisively reduced. The advantages is the possibility to produce a wide range of fashion fabrics, good for stylists’ news idea. With our width machines and our softly cutting edge, we can have a fabric in different widths, which facilitates the production of ribbons, technical woven for shoes, fashion linings for bags and textile accessories.

First in the world, MEI has presented these products and the success obtained is really very important and it is becoming bigger day by day. With these new ideas and products, you will meet a large new market, with many final potential customers.