MEI: your reliable partner

For more than 35 years, MEI has demonstrated the firm resolve to be, and remain, a leader and a reference point in narrow fabrics technology, documented by a continuous row of important innovations and worldwide patents – not only at the machine level, but now also focused on final labels products and process always first in the world to present and always copied by our competitors
– VIRTUAL COLOR, RIVETS thermical cutting system patented, BICONICAL CYLINDERS, SCARVES, POSTERS, PRESTIGE labels, are some examples.

Today, MEI becomes more and more a strong partner always searching for and finding – in strong cooperation with its customers – very specific solutions for their most varied products ideas.

With this concept, to be always very attention at the customer’s needs, and trying to give the possibility to touch with your hands how we are innovative, and what we are able to offer, we invite you to take a close look and inspect the quality of our labels machines, their innovative technology expressed in the precision of details and the efficiency able to realized.

Our credo is: technology has limits, creativity has none. With this flexibility we assist our customers to set up tailor-made production units and thus create lasting partnership all over the world.
With our latest machines technology is possible to produce very high quality labels. High quality labels put the emphasis on fashion creators’ premium products, and are eminently suitable as features distinguishing them from other brands and product lines. It can be assumed that this finer label type will more effectively win through on the world market in the future. That is why successful label weavers already today are going more and more for the economical and reliable weaving machine of MEI: “Quality creates value” - look into it.


MEI Technical Improvements
Fully responding the expectations coming from the most advanced textile sectors of the challenging woven labels and narrow fabrics world, MEI aims to satisfy the most influential market demands by investing in innovation and technology. Our innovative labels weaving machines are designed according to the newest and comprehensive modularity concept that involves the whole MEI machines project – mechanical electronic and communication systems – allowing to further on enhance versatility and productivity.

Our MEI new series highlights

New main motor drives for the lowest energy consumption and highest torque, to provide the best quality labels woved
New controls and auto-diagnostic labels weaving functions allowing the “digital tuning” of the machine
New both grippers and air flow mechatronic system for the two most modern MEI machines produced, ensuring the highest versatility for every type of yarn and density
New expandable electronic platform through a CAN BUS network, with TFT technology, USB serial bus, Ethernet and Internet interfaces
New system with two high performance direct drives controlling independently the shedding shaft that translates into:

• Low maintenance cost, less than 30% compare to our competitors, minimal vibration and noise
• Minimal energy absorption and heat dissipation
• Shedding closure phase controlled electronically
• Instantaneous start-up for top quality labels production.

New winding and soft finishing MEI system with “felt” performance and anti-overlapping device included controlled by electromechanical clutch for a constant pressure on the narrow fabric
New diameter of the calendar for a better direct contact with the heated resistance.
The position of the calender is unique respect on a traditional weaving machine: we place it at the end of the global process, meanwhile some other brands' machines are placing the calender device near the breast beam, with a lot of disadvantages.
With MEI’s calendering system, another important advantage is the possibility to change the pressure of it, depending on the fabric to be finished. Infact having two different cluth motors, also the winding roller works with the same tension on all the ribbons produced (this is very important when the loom is producing labels with little width).

New GUIDE ROLLER anti-slide effect
Thanks to the special MEI upper roller, the fabric goes up straight before cutting.

This roller guide has many functions:
It works like a second template, it reduces the shrinking of the fabric after the heated template;
It does not permit to the fabric any movement during the weaving process (this function is very important because it reduces wastes)